Master Oil Painting Class


Artist Biography

Roger Beckles is a realistic painter living and working in New York City. He was born in 1958 in Barbados, West Indies. From the age of eight, Roger Beckles envisioned leaving his home in Barbados and becoming a professional artist in New York City. At nine, this vision began to come into focus. Roger and his family immigrated to New York where he would grow and continue his artistic explorations.

In 1977 he attended the School of Visual Arts, New York City. A visit to a Cape Cod gallery catalyzed him to pursue his art professionally which lead him to begin studying oil painting with his mentor Marcel Franquelin in Princeton, New Jersey, honing his talent and perfecting his artistic perspective.

Influenced by 18th century French artist Jean Auguste Dominique-Ingres and 21st century contemporary Realist Chilean artist Claudio Bravo, Roger’s oil paintings are richly realistic and soothingly serene. “Composition, light, color, texture and mood are all essential elements for the style of paintings I produce. I want my paintings to express a feeling of serenity, to capture a moment in time, to create a familiar comfort zone.”

His oils have been exhibited at the Garth Davidson Gallery, Clover Fine art Gallery, Gilt Complex,  Stricoff Fine Art Gallery and Grenning Gallery.

Roger beckles oil painting masterclass is a course to help guide students into the world of oil painting by clearly illustrating and explaining materials and a variety of painting techniques. you will not only learn how to wait with oils, but also how to prepare a palette, chooses brushes, and mix colors,